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Corrections in chaos as jailbreak exposed

Reports today of a potential prison break from Victoria’s largest maximum security jail highlight the ongoing chaos within Victoria’s corrections system.

Three violent inmates at Port Phillip Prison had been using spoons, forks, scissors and other contraband tools to remove bricks and mortar from their cell walls in a brazen escape attempt.

More concerning, reports have also indicated that an additional object, believed to be a bolt from a rifle, was also seized. The location of the remainder of the weapon remains unclear.

This incident follows the recent escape of a prisoner from Dhurringile Prison, where prison officers were only made aware of the missing inmate following reports from a local resident who had been doorknocked and asked to call a taxi by the escapee.

With such brazen escapes occurring, staff assaults at the highest rate in a decade and the smuggling of contraband and drugs increasing throughout Victoria’s jails, the question must be asked: who is really running Victoria’s jails?

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Corrections, David Southwick:

“This escape attempt highlights a system in chaos and Daniel Andrews has serious questions to answer about how this was allowed to occur.

With breakouts, more drugs and contraband in prisons and staff assaults on the rise, the question must be asked: who is really running Victoria’s jails?”

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