COVID mask chaos in our schools

If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck - it is a duck.

It is clear that the Andrews Labor Government has imposed a mask mandate on our kids by stealth.

There is no other way of describing a letter signed by the Education Department Deputy Secretary “asking” all students to wear a mask indoors but adding that “students won’t be required or expected to wear a mask when outdoors.”

Our kids have suffered the longest of any in the country from COVID, with seven consecutive interrupted terms during Labor’s world-record lockdown.

Masks in schools interrupt learning, stifle interaction and are incredibly uncomfortable for our kids to wear for long periods of time.

Furthermore, studies out of Finland, the US and Spain have conclusively shown that requiring students to wear masks has no impact on the spread of COVID.

Will children be penalised for not wearing masks under this stealth mask mandate? Will parents be punished for not making their kids wear a mask?

Evidence shows that children are the least affected by COVID, yet it seems they are being punished by the Andrews Labor Government who see schools as an easy target to “do something” about COVID.

By all means - children should wear a mask at school if they or their parents wish.

The Liberals and Nationals’ position is clear: no mask mandates. No ifs, no buts.

David Hogett MP

Shadow Minister for Education