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Cranbourne South Primary School - Asbestos

My constituency question is to the Minister for Education. My office has done a lot of work on the issue of the removal of asbestos in schools in the south-east, and the most recent correspondence we have received on this matter from the previous Minister for Education back in May raises some questions around schools where it appears not all asbestos has been removed. In the letter former Minister Merlino refers to Cranbourne West Primary School, Hampton Park Primary School, Frankston Primary School and Wheelers Hill Secondary College, where he says they have had all previously identified A3 asbestos removed from accessible areas on the school site, which raises the question of whether there are areas where asbestos has not been removed. The letter further goes on to say Cranbourne South Primary School will have its asbestos removed as part of an ongoing capital works program, but given there is community concern around this, my question to the minister is: has that asbestos now been removed from Cranbourne South Primary School?

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