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Crime rate high in Casey over past year

The latest crime statistics from the Victorian Government’s Crime Statistics Agency demonstrate that high levels of crime have continued to occur in the City of Casey throughout the past year.

The statistics released this month reveal that under the Andrew Labor Government, crime in the City of Casey has risen by 19.3% since December 2014.

Criminal offences in the City of Casey December 2014 – 17,616 December 2018 – 21,020

The latest crime figures show that the frequency of many crimes within in the City of Casey has continued to increase over the past twelve months, including:

Drug Trafficking up 49% over past year (up 61% since 2014)

Aggravated Robbery up 17% over past year (up 138% since 2014)

Motor Vehicle Theft up 18% over past year (up 33% since 2014)

Steal from a Motor Vehicle up 18% over past year (up 23% since 2014)

Non Family-Violence common assault up 11% over past year (up 66% since 2014)

Despite constantly high rates of crime within the City of Casey, the Andrews Labor Government has failed to provide Victoria Police with the additional frontline personnel and resources that are required to significantly reduce crime in our local community.

Comments from Gordon Rich-Phillips MP, Liberal Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region:

Crimes continues to be committed at a very high rate in the City of Casey, and the Andrews Labor Government has failed to address this problem over the past 12 months.

Daniel Andrews needs to prioritize the safety of our local community by immediately providing the additional front police resources desperately needed to bring the crime rate down in Casey.

Media Contact: Courtney Mann – - 03 9794 7667

Source of crime statistics: Crime Statistics Agency – link here

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