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Dan’s big F for train punctuality in June

The Andrews Labor Government has failed to meet its train punctuality targets for every workday in June, according to the latest PTV data.

The data contradicts embattled Public Transport Minister Melissa Horne who earlier this year claimed “we’re already seeing significant improvements across the network”.

The worst June day was Monday 3rd, when only 77.2% of services were on time at their destination, a dismal performance against the target of 92.0%.

A further 16 workdays in June performed at below 90% punctuality.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan), David Davis:

“The Andrews Labor Government admitted this week it would be collecting phone data on passengers travel – this will be made easier when passengers are stuck on platforms with trains running late, being cancelled and skipping stations.”

“Embattled Public Transport Minister Melissa Horne needs to explain to Melburnians why the punctuality performance of the metropolitan train network failed every single work day.”

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