Dan’s diversion masks budget blowout

Premier Daniel Andrews is shamefully picking pointless fights as a desperate diversion to mask Victoria’s worrying budget position.

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis has called out the spin, pointing to a series of serious revelations about Victoria’s worsening economic crisis.

They include:

  • Victoria’s total net debt soaring to $82.2 billion, as at 30 September 2021 – the highest net debt level in Victoria’s history.

  • $9.5 billion added to Victoria’s net debt burden in just three months.

  • Victoria becoming the most unemployed state in the nation following a dramatic 0.9 per cent increase in Victoria’s unemployment rate and over 49,000 jobs lost in October.

  • Victoria’s Gross State Product (the key measure for living standards) falling by $1.8 billion, making it the only state to record a decline in GSP in 2020-21.

  • Victorian families and workers being worse off, as the cost of living and prices of everyday items continue to rise.

Despite Labor’s spin, Victorians are leaving in droves. Nearly 43,000 former residents have left at a time all other states saw an increase in population.

Mr. Davis said, “It’s time the Premier stopped this con job of picking fights to hide the disastrous economic decline that’s leaving Victoria behind other states.

“The rest of Australia is managing their economic recovery. Daniel Andrews’ arrogance is preventing Victoria from recovering and rebuilding, following the world’s longest lockdown.

“Labor only know how to waste other people’s money rather than implement real solutions to rebuild our economy.

“Victoria simply can’t trust the man who put us so far behind to be the one to get our state back on track.”

The Liberal Nationals urge the Premier to stop wasting time igniting senseless fights via the media, and instead focus on managing Victoria’s unfolding economic crisis.

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer