Daniel Andrews all spin, no solution

It’s been revealed Daniel Andrews has employed close to two dozen PR staff on his suburban rail project, despite the first trains not hitting the tracks for at least 13 years.

A Freedom of Information investigation by the State Opposition has found the Suburban Rail Loop Authority is employing 22 full-time equivalent staff in communications, marketing, and public relations.

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis, said the Suburban Rail Loop is just another one of Labor’s many PR projects.

“It’s hard to believe a project that’s more than a decade away has already a small army of PR operatives employed at the taxpayers’ expense.

“It underlies the fact that this is more of a Daniel Andrews PR project than a properly planned transport solution.”

Mr Davis also hit out at the Premier’s latest PR stunt spruiking drivers being hired for the Metro Tunnel project.

“The Premier seems to have omitted to mention the Metro Tunnel project is already $3.36 billion over budget and climbing.

“The Metro blowout is part of Daniel Andrews’ $28 billion dollars in cost blowouts on government projects.

“The Premier’s big build has turned into a big bill, which is draining taxpayers’ money and forcing up taxes and charges.”

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer