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Daniel Andrews and Labor continue their war on volunteer firefighters

Today it was reported that volunteer firefighters will face regular medical checks in order to remain on the frontline, however these rules will not apply to career firefighters.

Along with yearly medical assessments, the CFA will make volunteer firefighters pass physical fitness tests in order to remain operational, whilst career firefighters will remain exempt from these requirements.

CFA Chief Officer, Steve Warrington argued that this was an outcome of a recent trial conducted by the CFA. Chief Officer Warrington stated “the CFA had run an 18-month trial involving almost 500 volunteers in the state’s southwest, which had picked up issues from high blood pressure to cancer.”

He also claimed that, “I think we have a duty of care, I think we have an obligation to make sure our people absolutely know they’re healthy before they get on a fire truck”. This comment was made a month after the Government refused to support Presumptive Rights Legislation introduced by the Liberals which would guarantee support for volunteers affected by cancer.

Under Daniel Andrews and Labor, the Government continue to bend over backwards to destroy volunteerism in the CFA.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin:

“It is an absolutely disgrace that those who volunteer to protect our communities are subject to Daniel Andrews double standards in our fire services.

If Daniel Andrews was genuine about protecting those who protect us, he would’ve supported the Liberals Presumptive Legislation.

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