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Daniel Andrews and Labor defy IBAC and the Victorian Ombudsman

Following Daniel Andrews’ shamelessly partisan $1.7m “Fair Share” ad campaign to try to help Bill Shorten get to the Lodge, the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) and Victorian Ombudsman called for “prompt” legislative change to stop this sort of misuse of taxpayer money.

Both the Victorian Ombudsman and the IBAC Commissioner wrote to the Premier last month calling for legislative amendment to prevent public money being misused on any similar campaign again.

“The effect of the advertising…was inconsistent with apolitical public sector conduct as espoused under the (Public Administration Act)”.

“…in our view, prompt amendment of the Act and Regulations is desirable…to reinforce the importance of an apolitical public sector and to advance the wider public interest”.

- Joint letter from Deborah Glass (Victorian Ombudsman) and Robert Redlich (IBAC

Commissioner) to the Premier, 15/8/2019

Today, Labor voted down a Bill introduced by the Liberal Nationals to implement this joint recommendation of the Victorian Ombudsman and IBAC designed to end this partisan abuse of the Victorian public sector by the Andrews Labor Government.

Daniel Andrews and Labor have defied Victoria’s two independent integrity bodies.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Daniel Andrews had a choice today; either back the Ombudsman and the anti-corruption watchdog or continue Labor’s rorting of public money for political gain. The Premier chose to keep rorting.

“In defying the Ombudsman and IBAC, Daniel Andrews has displayed an arrogance which is dangerous for Victoria. Despite the independent watchdogs demanding changes to the law to stop partisan rorting, the Premier put Labor’s political interests before the public interest.

“Following the Red Shirts scandal, Daniel Andrews has shown he has learned nothing about integrity or protecting the public interest.

“Daniel Andrews’ defiance of the Ombudsman and IBAC is a slap in the face to Victoria’s integrity watchdogs.

“Victorians should be very afraid about what this arrogant Premier will do next.”

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