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Daniel Andrews’ arrogant rejection of East West Link to cause traffic chaos

In Question Time in Parliament Daniel Andrews again refused to commit to build the East West Link, despite warnings from traffic experts that, without the East West Link, the Eastern Freeway faces deepening traffic chaos.

Transport expert Andrew O’Brien confirmed that widening the Eastern Freeway to 20 lanes will channel up to 100,000 extra cars onto the Eastern Freeway, causing chaos at the T-intersection with Hoddle Street.

Andrew O’Brien told a hearing on the environment effects of the North East Link that:

“Without the East West Link, the North East Link would not be able to achieve the slated benefits.”

Daniel Andrews needs to park his arrogance, accept the $4 billion on offer from the Federal Coalition Government and say yes to East West.

Building the North East Link without an East West Link will just turn an already congested Eastern Freeway into a gridlocked museum piece; maybe that is why Daniel Andrews wants to heritage-list it.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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