Daniel Andrews fails leadership test as Red Shirts Rorter resigns

Daniel Andrews has today failed a test of leadership by refusing to remove the Red Shirts Rorter from Labor’s campaign committee.

In 2018, the Victorian Ombudsman found John Lenders to be the “principal architect” of Labor’s Red Shirts Rort – an “artifice” which saw $388,000 of taxpayers’ money misused for Labor’s 2014 election campaign.

Despite his role in this infamous rort, John Lenders continued to play a central role within the Victorian Labor Party as a member of Labor’s election campaign committee.

When asked by the media earlier today about the appropriateness of Mr Lenders’ ongoing involvement with the committee, Daniel Andrews declined to have him removed and stated that Mr Lenders is “somebody that I respect”.

Hours after Daniel Andrews’ failure to act, Mr Lenders stood down from this position.

Furthermore, Daniel Andrews has continued to resist calls to repay more than $1.3 million in misused taxpayers’ money as exposed by the recent Operation Watts investigation.

Leader of the Liberal Party in the Legislative Council, David Davis, said Daniel Andrews has today failed a test of leadership and integrity.

“The principal architect of the misuse of $388,000 isn’t someone to respect or keep in the political tent.”

“One day Daniel Andrews says he’s the one to clean up corruption in the Labor Party and the next day he backs the mastermind of the Red Shirts Rort and refuses to repay misused taxpayers’ money.”

“Daniel Andrews has presided over a widespread culture of corruption within Labor and has today demonstrated he is incapable of any meaningful change.”

“Instead of taking responsibility for his party’s corruption and repaying the money, all we get are hollow promises and political spin.”

“Only a Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will strengthen our anti-corruption bodies and return integrity to Victoria.”

David Davis MP

Leader of the Liberal Party in the Legislative Council