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Daniel Andrews’ failure risking safety of primary school students, staff and parents

The safety of our kids should be the Andrews Government’s first priority, but it’s not even on its radar.

Local parents and residents have every right to be angry that Daniel Andrews decided to locate Labor’s drug injecting room about 20m from a primary school without ever considering the safety implications on students.

The first thing Labor should have done when they were considering trialling an injecting room next door to Richmond West Primary School was to assess the obvious risk of driving Ice addicts to inject drugs next to a primary school.

Daniel Andrews is putting his own political agenda before the safety of young students, staff and parents.

With worsening violence, public drug use on the street and threats and intimidation to people living next door to the injecting room, it’s time for Daniel Andrews to be honest with the Richmond community about how he will fix the growing problems at Labor’s drug injecting room.

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