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Daniel Andrews’ funding priorities are all wrong

While hospitals in Victoria can’t afford to provide vital health services, Daniel Andrews is spending precious taxpayers money paying a multimillionaire basketballer to post photos to social media.

Daniel Andrews’ priorities are completely out of whack. Only Labor would prioritise paying a highly paid athlete to promote Victorian tourism over funding struggling Victorian hospitals or fixing our recycling crisis.

Ben Simmons is a great basketballer but Victoria has more pressing needs than social media promotion. The responsibility for this lies with Premier Andrews, not Mr Simmons.

This latest waste of taxpayer money comes hot on the heels of revelations Daniel Andrews also used taxpayer money to bring cage fighting to Melbourne.

Daniel Andrews needs to come clean with the public about exactly how much taxpayer money he has forked out to Ben Simmons to post on social media and bring cage fighting to Melbourne.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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