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Daniel Andrews hides report into triple-zero failures

Victorians are set to be denied access to the straight answers they deserve over the Andrews Labor Government’s ongoing triple-zero crisis.

Today in Parliament, when asked if Graham Ashton’s review of Victoria’s failing triple-zero hotline would be released to the public, Minister for Emergency Services Jaclyn Symes said the document would go through a Cabinet review process before any decision to release the document is made.

But the Minister for Emergency Services well knows that once a report is presented to Cabinet, it becomes an exempt document under the Freedom of Information Act and allows the Government to hide the report from public scrutiny.

If the document is indeed run through the Cabinet process – which is not required by any piece of legislation – to hide it, it will be an outrageous affront to the families of the dozens of Victorians that have died while waiting for their desperate call for help to be answered.

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brad Battin slammed the Andrews Labor Government’s attempts to keep hidden such a critical report.

“Victorian’s deserve straight answers on the Andrews Labor Government’s triple-zero failures.”

“Lives are being lost, yet instead of acting to fix the problem Daniel Andrews continues to play games and cover-up the truth.”

“The families of those who have died deserve better. Nothing will bring their loved ones back, but they deserve to know the truth about what happened.”

“Daniel Andrews must backflip on this cover-up and commit to releasing this report in full.”

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

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