Daniel Andrews ignores his own EES

In a Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing today, Daniel Andrews disagreed that the North East Link would put around 100 000 more cars onto the Eastern Freeway, despite his Government’s own EES stating that it will.

Appearing before PAEC, Daniel Andrews refused to accept the contention put to him that the North East Link would exacerbate traffic congestion on the Eastern Freeway.

However, page 1 of the North East Link EES states that:

“It would be a safe and efficient freeway connection for 100,000 vehicles per day, reducing travel times, getting trucks off local roads and linking key growth areas in the north and south-east.”

The EES also notes “The Eastern Freeway is expected to increase by approximately...95,000 vehicles per day”.

Not only is Daniel Andrews in denial about the contents of his own EES, he’s in denial about Victoria’s desperate need for the East West Link.

Daniel Andrews must put his political ego aside, accept the $4 billion on offer from the Federal Liberal Nationals Government, and just build the East West Link.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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