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Daniel Andrews’ leap into the energy abyss

Electricity generation company, Energy Australia, has warned that Labor’s aggressive push towards wind and solar electricity generation will send electricity prices through the roof and increase the number of blackouts affecting Victorians.

Labor’s reckless energy policies have already seen the wholesale price of electricity triple in Victoria and forced Victorians to suffer through sweltering heat with power blackouts, despite promises from Labor that neither would happen.

Daniel Andrews’ latest policy thought-bubble, the 50% renewable energy target is one he likes to talk up, but when it comes time to deliver the real figures about what impact this will have on electricity prices and grid stability, Labor is silent.

Daniel Andrews and Labor simply can’t be trusted to deliver affordable and secure electricity to Victorians.

These latest warnings are just another reminder than under Daniel Andrews and Labor, Victorians will pay more for electricity that they can’t rely on being available when they need it most.

Ryan Smith

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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