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Daniel Andrews must come clean on true cost of SRL

Daniel Andrews must come clean on what he believes the cost to be for the first two stages of the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL).

When pressed last week, Daniel Andrews failed to answer simple questions on the true cost of the SRL, instead telling reporters to direct their questions to Ms Allan.

Despite being asked five times at a news conference yesterday, Deputy Premier and Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan refused to answer any questions on the topic.

Last week, the independent Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) estimated the cost of the first two stages alone to be a staggering $200 billion - four times the original estimate for the entire project.

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis, said the Andrews Labor Government was incapable of keeping major projects on time and on budget.

“In the absence of a credible number from the Government, Victorians are entitled to assume the $200 billion from the independent PBO as being correct,” Mr Davis said.

“This project has not been assessed by Infrastructure Australia, and the original business case numbers are worthless with a cost blowout of this magnitude.

“Victoria’s debt is forecast to be $167.5 billion by 2025, more than NSW, Queensland and Tasmania combined.

“In no way, shape or form can another $200 billion in spending simply be dumped on top of that at this time. It would cripple the state and mean more and higher taxes for every Victorian.”

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer

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