Daniel Andrews passes the buck on jailhouse social media

Daniel Andrews and Labor are abrogating their responsibility for managing Victoria’s prisons and keeping victims of crime safe, by attempting to palm this responsibility off to the Federal Government.

It is the State Government, not the Federal Government that controls prisons in Australia and this is just a desperate ploy by Daniel Andrews because he can’t manage Victoria’s corrections system.

Despite promising to makes changes to prisoner phone privileges months ago, Victorian inmates continue to make a mockery of Victoria’s justice system by being able to maintain social media accounts while in jail.

The Victorian Liberal Nationals announced a policy over 12 months ago to put victims ahead of prisoners and crackdown on jailhouse social media.

Daniel Andrews should stop passing the buck and immediately adopt this policy.

With Victorian prisoners so easily able to access social media and abuse prison privileges, it’s little wonder why under Daniel Andrews, Victoria is running the most expensive, yet the worst-performing correctional system of any state in the nation.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Corrections, David Southwick:

“When violent offenders can maintain social media accounts from within prison, you’ve got to wonder who is really running our correctional system.

The Andrews Labor Government must crack down on prisoners using their phone privileges for social media rants, instead of expecting the Federal Government to fix it.

Being able to make phone calls while in prison is a privilege, not a right and Daniel Andrews must act to put the rights and well-being of victims first.”

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