Daniel Andrews refuses to act on manifestly inadequate sentences

In Parliament today, Premier Daniel Andrews refused to re-establish a Law Reform and Sentencing Committee, despite widespread community outrage at lenient sentencing and parole laws.

One of Daniel Andrews’ first acts after being re-elected was to abolish the Joint Parliamentary Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee.

Labor axed this committee despite the opposition of the Victorian Liberal Nationals.

That was a grave mistake that Daniel Andrews must rectify immediately.

The six-year prison term handed down to Borce Ristevski is just one example of woefully inadequate sentencing that completely fails to meet community expectations.

A re-established Committee should investigate the adequacy of Victoria’s homicide, sentencing and parole laws in light of community expectations and recommend necessary reforms.

Courts must apply the laws written by Parliament. It is Parliament’s job to fix Victoria’s broken sentencing laws, but once again Daniel Andrews and Labor are standing in the way.

The work of this Parliamentary Committee would focus on ensuring that Victoria has a justice system, not just a legal system.

The Liberals and Nationals will continue to lead the push for this important reform, despite Labor’s opposition.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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