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Daniel Andrews refuses to rule out death duties

In Parliament today Labor Premier Daniel Andrews refused to rule out introducing death duties in Victoria. This comes a day after Treasurer Tim Pallas refused to rule out new taxes in the upcoming state budget.

Daniel Andrews’ refusal to rule out death duties came to light after two Labor MPs were exposed as supporters of introducing yet another new tax: death duties. Daniel Andrews’ right-hand man and Parliamentary Secretary, Danny Pearson and the Member for Burwood, Will Fowles have both voiced their support for introducing death taxes in Victoria.

In Parliament on the 8th of March 2017, Danny Pearson said:

“Death duties should be instituted. If a person passed on and their estate was worth $1 million…we would say ‘we would allocate 5% of your estate to the state’.”

In his inaugural speech on 19 December 2018, Will Fowles said:

“It’s time for an honest conversation about…whether intergenerational wealth transfer ought to be part of the state’s revenue base”.

Despite being asked twice about the support for death duties among Labor government members, Daniel Andrews declined to rule out support for bringing back death duties.

Daniel Andrews, like his Federal colleague Bill Shorten, just loves imposing new taxes on the community.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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