Daniel Andrews refuses to sack Setka

In Question Time in Parliament today Daniel Andrews refused to sack John Setka from a government board, despite his guilty plea to charges of harassing a woman.

This from the Premier who once said about violence against women:

“There can be no more excuses or second chances.”

If Daniel Andrews doesn’t sack John Setka then he is sending a message that it’s okay to turn a blind eye to violence and harassment of women.

At a recent Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) hearing it was confirmed that John Setka is still serving as a member of the government’s Building Industry Consultative Council.

This same body oversees the government’s ‘Women in Construction’ strategy, at a cost of $500,000 to taxpayers.

It is untenable for John Setka to remain a member of a government body that is attempting to attract more women to the construction sector.

Daniel Andrews can’t continue to make excuses for John Setka or give him a second chance.

Nick Wakeling MP

Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety

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