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Daniel Andrews’ secret deal exposed

The true cost of the Premier’s secret deal with the United Firefighters Union Executive Peter Marshall has been revealed.

Freedom of Information requests have revealed that the Andrews Labor Government secretly provided a $58 million Treasurers Advance to fund a mate’s deal for the 2016 Metropolitan Fire Brigade EBA.

While Country Fire Authority (CFA) sheds across the state cry out for funding to upgrade equipment, more than $6 million was spent on private vehicles for many fire Commanders previously not entitled to a car.

Additionally, the Government bankrolled the conversion of all Senior Firefighters to Leading Firefighters at a cost of $5,000 per person, despite not receiving any additional qualifications or training.

Furthermore, an emergency transfer of $20 million was also made so the Metropolitan Fire Brigade could pay wages and remain solvent in June 2020.

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin said Victorians will be rightly outraged.

“Daniel Andrews misled the community and now we are seeing the real cost of his deal with Peter Marshall to secure support at the 2018 state election,” he said.

"Instead of wasting vital emergency services funding on political deals, this money should be used to protect Victorian lives, properties and communities.

"The Fire Services were out of money to pay staff, no wonder so many local stations can’t upgrade their 30 year old trucks putting communities at risk.”

Victorians deserve to know the truth, and the Premier must answer the following questions:

  1. What deal did Daniel Andrews force through and what is the true cost to Victorians?

  2. What did Daniel Andrews gain out of the deal he did with Peter Marshall?

  3. Was this deal investigated as part of the IBAC Operation Richmond investigation?

  4. Why did Daniel Andrews sack the CFA board to force through this deal for his puppet master Peter Marshall?

  5. Was this deal part of the reason Former Minister Jane Garrett, Lucinda Nolan and many others resigned as they refused to sign a deal that could send the fire services broke in Victoria?

  6. Why did Daniel Andrews say the true cost was going to be $40 million per year for his sweetheart deal with Peter Marshall when this wasn’t true?

The fact Daniel Andrews did a deal with Peter Marshall that almost sent the MFB broke is outrageously reckless and a risk to the safety of all Victorians.

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

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