Daniel Andrews’ secret plan for higher gas bills

The cost of heating a home, cooking dinner, or firing up a BBQ is set to jump under a secret plan to cut gas supplies by the Andrews Labor Government.

Reports confirm that Daniel Andrews plans to halve gas usage across Victoria by 2030 will result in small businesses and families facing a harder road to recover and rebuild from the world’s longest lockdown.

Furthermore, less investment and tighter gas supplies will critically endanger our electricity system, driving up the cost of electricity and endangering our renewable energy transition.

Higher power bills will only put Victoria further behind and is a further blow to the cost of living pressures for struggling Victorians across the state.

Daniel Andrews needs to immediately release the Gas Substitution Roadmap to the public that was due to be released in 2021.

Shadow Minister for Energy Craig Ondarchie said now is not the time to be pushing household and small business bills even higher.

“The Federal Government, Federal Labor Party, Energy Industry Experts and, the Victorian Liberal Nationals back gas as a low emission transition fuel, why is Daniel Andrews insistent on forcing Victorians to pay for his bad management and ideology?”

“Daniel Andrews continues his moto of secrecy and backroom deals; they haven’t released any data on the potential impact this policy will have on Victoria’s Energy Grid.”

“This is the worst possible time to be pushing energy prices even higher.”

“Victoria needs lower energy prices and reliable power so we can recover and rebuild in confidence.”

Craig Ondarchie MP

Shadow Minister for Energy