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Daniel Andrews’ Solar Homes = Pink Batts 2.0

Labor’s failed Solar Homes scheme has been exposed as potentially deadly with major safety concerns uncovered.

A sample audit revealed that over half of the solar systems installed by just one solar company are dangerous, unsafe and require rectification.

Worse, the Labor Government boasts that:

“Victoria is the only state in Australia that requires solar systems to be independently tested at the time of installation and provided with a certificate of electrical safety to demonstrate compliance”. (Labor Government media release, 9 October 2019)

This means that not only were the installations of one company dodgy, but so was the independent testing and certification.

How many of the thousands of solar systems installed under the Solar Homes scheme have been “independently tested” by dodgy or incompetent testers? Nobody knows.

Energy Safe Victoria must urgently step in and confirm that every installation under Labor’s Solar Homes scheme is safe.

Too much is at stake.

Just like Kevin Rudd’s infamous Pink Batts insulation scheme, Daniel Andrews’ Solar Homes scheme is now putting Victorians and their homes at risk.

Victorians are rightly asking: how many of the thousands of solar systems installed through Labor’s dodgy scheme are unsafe?

Not only have the innocent victims of Labor’s failed solar scheme had their lives and property placed at risk but, adding insult to injury, they’re unsure of who will pay to fix dodgy installations.

The Andrews Labor Government must cover the cost of the urgently required safety inspections and required repairs on all solar installations under his dodgy scheme. The Labor Government, not innocent homeowners, should chase dodgy installers for compensation.

Daniel Andrews should apologise to the Victorians he has placed at risk and to the many reputable and responsible solar installers in Victoria whose industry has now been damaged by Labor’s botched scheme.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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