Daniel Andrews solar scheme decimates installation numbers

Daniel Andrews’ disastrous solar rebate scheme has more than halved the number of household solar installations in Victoria.

Data from a Green Energy Markets report shows that while household solar installations in NSW and Qld continue to grow, installations in Victoria have more than halved.

The report shows household solar installations plummeted from around 6,500 in March this year to just over 3,000 in July.

Solar business owners who rallied outside the Premier’s office today sent a strong message to Daniel Andrews - “your solar panel rebate scheme is destroying our industry.”

The rally followed a meeting between the Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien, and industry representatives who told their stories of the impact the rebate scheme is having on their businesses.

Business owners spoke of the employees who have had to be let go, of the mental anguish of having to deal with the disastrous scheme that is destroying businesses and actually seeing fewer solar panels installed in Victoria.

The solar panel industry was booming before Daniel Andrews’ ill-conceived and mismanaged changes to rebate program put the brakes on it earlier this year.

While Daniel Andrews has belatedly responded to Liberal Nationals’ calls to sideline his hapless Minister and conceded that he will look at changes to the disastrous scheme, he has failed to take any action.

For the businesses facing financial ruin because of Daniel Andrews’ flawed scheme, talk is cheap. What’s required is urgent action.

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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