Daniel Andrews’ Suburban Rail Loop sham

Daniel Andrews is selling false hope with his Suburban Rail Loop when he says ‘work gets underway.’

In reality, no work is being done, not a business case or a cost-benefit analysis on what was a pre-election stunt by the Andrews Labor Government.

Victorians who are stranded on station platforms or in traffic, trying to get home to their families each day are being sold a pup by Daniel Andrews and Bill Shorten who has also pledged money on the never never to this project.

The Liberal Nationals recognise the need to invest in infrastructure as Victoria’s population grows but Daniel Andrews’ snake oil salesman tactics show him up to be a fraud.

Daniel Andrews has not costed the Suburban Rail Loop and is instead using it as a deceitful electioneering stunt for Bill Shorten.

Despite Daniel Andrews saying he was going to “take the politics out of infrastructure” the Suburban Rail Loop has not been assessed by either Infrastructure Victoria or Infrastructure Australia.

Labor can’t manage projects, and can’t manage money, no one should believe for a moment that they could manage this project.

David Davis MP

Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metro) and Transport Infrastructure

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