Daniel Andrews turns his back on father of gang bashing victim

Despite repeated requests from the father of a gang bashing victim to meet with Daniel Andrews, the Premier has callously refused to meet him to understand the concerns of Melbourne’s latest gang crime victim.

Jayden D'Abaco, a 19 year old with autism, was chased and bashed unconscious by a violent youth gang as he was walking alone in Werribee on Saturday night.

This disgraceful attack is the second time Jayden has been the victim of gang violence, following an attack on a Tarneit bus in 2017.

Jayden’s father, Frank D’Abaco was present in Question Time at Parliament today seeking a meeting with the Premier. However, Daniel Andrews not only refused to agree to meet with

Mr D’Abaco, he stood with his back to him – then exited the chamber in order to avoid this distressed father.

Despite the massive increase in violent youth crime across Melbourne, Daniel Andrews refuses to accept that we have a gang problem.

If Daniel Andrews won’t meet with victims of gang violence and won’t accept that we have a gang problem, how the hell can he offer a solution? Michael O'Brien MP Leader of the Opposition

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