Daniel Andrews turns his back on retailers

Labor has ‘blindsided’ retailers in relation to last-minute changes to vaccination rules, showing a troubling trend of a government that changes its mind on a whim, leaving Victorians to pick up the pieces.

As if it has not been tough enough for many retailers who have struggled through numerous lockdowns and enforced restrictions, shopkeepers and traders are now forced to become security guards by enforcing the government’s vaccination requirements.

Victorians have been lectured for the past 18 months and have done their bit with over 90 per cent vaccinated and are simply asking for common-sense rules to get back on track with their lives.

A number of leading health experts including the head of the Doherty Institute, Professor Sharon Lewin, has expressed concerns about mandates continuing once 90 to 95 per cent of the population have been jabbed.

This has also been echoed by Australian Retailers Association CEO Paul Zahra who said that removing the burden of proof-of-vaccination checks could ease the impost on staff.

The Andrews Labor Government owes it to Victorians to explain the inconsistencies and mixed messages that it continues to send to small businesses and give simple solutions that reduces the stress as we head into the crucial Christmas trading period.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Small Business, David Southwick:

“It’s bad enough that small businesses have had to deal with restrictions and lockdowns since March last year, but to now turn shopkeepers into security guards is another cost that they shouldn’t have to deal with.

“It’s simply unfair that as New South Wales is getting rid of these mandates, these costs and burdens will still be imposed onto retailers and small businesses into the unforeseeable future.

“Victorians have listened and done the right thing and we are now asking for sensible, simple solutions and keeping us in line with other states by scrapping proof-of-vaccination requirements as an early Christmas present.”