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Daniel Andrews wreaks permanent damage on the Victorian economy

Today’s announcement by Daniel Andrews of his “roadmap to recovery” is instead a chart to collapse.

Instead of ways to get Victorians back to work, the Premier has outlined no real changes to the near-total shutdown of the economy until at least late October.

Major business groups have slammed the roadmap. Paul Guerra of Vic Chamber of Commerce called it a “roadmap to nowhere” and that due to it “businesses will go broke.”

Mary Aldred of the Franchise Council said business owners have been betrayed after being given false hope during consultations.

Innes Willox of AiGroup call it a “document of despair” that “will prolong the economic and social pain.”

Already 145,000 additional Victorians have joined the unemployment queue due to the government’s mismanagement of the pandemic before Stage 4 lockdowns started.

One in eight small to medium businesses don’t expect to survive this pandemic. Today’s announcements will increase that proportion and destroy more businesses and livelihoods.

Comments Attributable to the Shadow Treasurer

“Today’s ‘roadmap to recovery’ shows Daniel Andrews is speeding out of control to totally trash the Victorian economy.”

“The Premier has no plan beyond further lockdowns because he has no idea how jobs and investment are created.

“Victoria’s economic collapse will now outstrip every other state because of these extended lockdowns. Victoria will lose jobs to other states and thousands of small business will close because this government can’t manage contact tracing to get on top of this pandemic like other states have done.”

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