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Debt, waste and spin – Andrews’ PR repair budget not what Victorians need

Today’s State Budget is not a repair plan for 6.7 million Victorians but a public relations repair plan for one man, Premier Daniel Andrews.

Victorians need optimism and a real plan forward but will only see record debt, higher taxation, further major project cost blowouts and funding cuts to the independent anti-corruption watchdog.

Victorians hoping for hip-pocket relief will instead be hit with billions of dollars of increased taxation, including increases of $603 million in land tax (up 14.2 per cent), $1.5 billion in stamp duty on land transfers (up 22.6 per cent) and $1.1 billion in payroll taxes (up 17.0 per cent) in the coming year.

Together, this means higher rents, larger property bills, and higher prices for goods and services just as Victorian families struggle with worsening cost of living pressures.

Daniel Andrews’ claims that this budget is about repairing the damage of COVID-19 is just more spin.

Before the pandemic, Victoria ran the lowest funded, poorest staffed and worst performing emergency departments in the nation.

Before the pandemic, Victoria had the lowest funding per school child and lowest funding for public housing in the nation.

Before the pandemic, Victoria was the highest taxing state in the nation with the most debt.

Today’s budget is not about repairing the damage caused by COVID-19 but about repairing the damage of eight years of the Andrews Labor Government.

Annual interest repayments on Labor’s debt are set to grow from $3.1 billion to $6.4 billion in only four years, the equivalent of three new Melton Hospitals.

Victorians will now carry twice the debt burden as those in New South Wales as Labor’s record debt of $168 billion means more taxes, higher cost of living, fewer opportunities and less secure jobs.

Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy said Victoria continued to fall further behind under Daniel Andrews’ waste and mismanagement.

“Victorians deserve better than a Premier more concerned with repairing his personal brand than repairing local communities.”

“How can you trust the Government that got us into this mess to be the ones to get us out of it?”

“People’s money is not a play-thing for a politician on the nose and should instead be used to ensure Victorians can have a secure job and better future for their children.”

“There is a better way forward. Only the Liberals and Nationals have a positive plan to make us number one again.”

Shadow Treasurer, David Davis said Victoria continues to be left behind by Labor’s waste, cost blowouts and higher taxes.

“Labor’s cycle of mismanagement, cost blowouts, higher debt and more taxes cannot continue.”

“Victorians cannot afford another four years of the same waste and mismanagement which is only seeing Victoria fall further behind.”

“More cost blowouts and higher taxes are not a recipe for recovery. Only the Liberals and Nationals will ensure there are no new taxes and act to reign in Labor’s out of control major project cost blowouts.”

The Victorian Liberals and Nationals will cut Labor’s waste, end the cycle of mismanagement, blame and spin and invest to recover, rebuild and make Victoria number one again.

Matthew Guy MP David Davis MP

Leader of the Opposition Shadow Treasurer

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