December’s 2,215 train ‘no shows’ brings hapless Minister Horne’s total for 2019 to 24,886

From January to December 2019:

  • 10,148 scheduled metropolitan train services were cancelled;

  • 9,751metropolitan train services stopped short of their scheduled destinations;

  • 4,337 metropolitan train services were involved in unscheduled loop bypasses; and

  • 650 metropolitan train services skipped scheduled station stops.

The most unreliable train services in 2019 were:

  • The Frankston line which suffered 3,246 train services that did not run as scheduled;

  • The Lilydale line which suffered 3,230 train services that did not run as scheduled;

  • The Werribee line which suffered 2,703 train services that did not run as scheduled;

  • The Pakenham line which suffered 2,548 train services that did not run as scheduled; and

  • The Cranbourne line which suffered 2,106 train services that did not run as scheduled.

On average across the metropolitan train system, more than 2,000 train services each month did not pick up or drop off passengers at the stations at which trains were scheduled to stop.

The metropolitan rail system also failed Labor’s own acceptable punctuality benchmark each and every month in 2019.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan), David Davis:

“Hundreds of thousands of Melbournians were seriously inconvenienced by Daniel Andrews and Melissa Horne’s appalling mismanagement of our train system in 2019.

“An unacceptable proportion of our trains do not run on time and a truly appalling number of train services, more than 2,000 each month, do not even run as scheduled.

“Where is the Minister? Where is the Premier? They are clearly not waiting for a train to get them to where they need to be.

“Until the Premier and his Minister pay attention to the performance and reliability of our public transport, Melbournians have no chance of our trains running acceptably on time and as scheduled under Labor.

“They should give their chauffeurs a holiday and, as many Melbournians do, rely instead on public transport. Perhaps then they might be able to relate to the long-suffering commuter and actually do something about improving our train system.”

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