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Delivering Real Solutions to save on the price of water bills

Household bills are skyrocketing, and for thousands of Victorian families, it means making tough decisions in order to pay the bills.

To further reward and assist hard-working families, the Liberals and Nationals will freeze fixed household water charges for five years.

Currently, household water bills are made up of two components – a fixed supply charge, and a per unit usage charge. Each year the fixed supply charge increases broadly in line with inflation.

We will freeze this fixed supply charge component for five years and work with water authorities to find savings, through bulk purchasing and software standardisation, that can be passed onto customers.

Together, these measures could save a typical family up to $100 per year off their household water bill.

This builds on the Liberals and Nationals’ Long-Term Economic Plan to combat the cost of living, including slashing public transport fares to $2 a day and providing free lunches to every Victorian public student.

Together, these measures will save a typical Victorian more than $6,000 per year.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said the Plan would ensure water bills are fairer for all Victorians.

“Under Labor, everything is going up. Our Real Solutions Plan will save Victorians money,” Mr Guy said.

“We’ll be putting more money into the pockets of Victorians by bringing the price of their water bill down.”

“We can only do this because we are reining in Daniel Andrews’ spiralling debt and cutting waste such as the $4.7 billion West Gate tunnel blowout.”

Shadow Minister for Water, Danny O’Brien, said Labor has no plan to tackle the cost of living crisis.

“Only the Liberals and Nationals have a Plan to reward hard-working families,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Now more than ever, Victorians need assurance that their household costs won’t continue to skyrocket, and this is a real solution to ease pressure on household budgets.”

Matt Guy MP Danny O’Brien MP

Leader of the Liberal Party Shadow Minister for Water

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