Disadvantaged students fall behind under Labor’s lockdowns

Confirmation today that Victoria’s most disadvantaged students have fallen behind over the last two years again highlights the real world impact of school lockdowns.

New NAPLAN data today shows that numeracy and literacy results of Victoria’s most disadvantaged students took a serious hit in the pandemic.

Furthermore, more than a third of primary school students assessed by The Smith Family made minimal progress in their literacy and numeracy.

Shadow Minister for Education, David Hodgett stated that the results highlighted the importance of keeping children in the classroom.

“It’s clear school lockouts have hurt the development of some of our most vulnerable students and communities.

“This is the consequence of two years of Andrews’ record-breaking lockdowns and seven consecutive terms of interrupted learning.

“Now is the time for a new plan to get students development back on track.

“That is why the Victorian Liberals and Nationals have pledged a face-to-face learning guarantee, meaning all kids will remain safely in the classroom each and every day of the school year.”

David Hodgett MP

Shadow Minister for Education