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Does someone need to die in Victoria’s youth justice system for Daniel Andrews to act?

For two days in a row youth justice workers have been blowing the whistle on their grave concerns about safety in Victoria’s youth justice system, and yet Daniel Andrews’ Minister has gone silent.

Will it take a death in a youth justice centre before Daniel Andrews and his Minister will act?

When the Minister took the oath of office, he committed to protecting the staff in his care, but the responsible Minister, Ben Carroll, is now missing in action.

Assaults are an almost daily occurrence, we have had a record number of riots and we are still seeing young offenders on the roof of Parkville Youth Justice Centre even after Labor spent $72 million to prevent this from happening.

Daniel Andrews’ soft on crime approach is clearly evident in Victoria’s youth justice system, with these young offenders now taking control.

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Youth Justice

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