Domestic violence victims face ongoing homelessness

The Andrews Labor Government is letting down Victorians in need as it shamefully tries to blame a 4-year uptrend of housing waitlist growth for victims of domestic violence on the 18-month COVID pandemic.

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing Annual report reveals a catastrophic 11 month waiting time for public housing for Victorians fleeing domestic violence.

The report exposes a fatal flaw in emergency housing policy if victims are forced to wait nearly a year before having access to safe and secure living.

Asked if the government had a plan to immediately reduce this wait time, officials blamed market conditions, the economy and COVID for a problem that has been manifesting for nearly five years now.

The very real and life-threatening issue of domestic violence has increased as a result of the Andrews Labor Government’s overbearing stay at home orders. Despite contributing to this serious issue, officials have confirmed that the government has no strategy to manage the problem.

The last thing that victims of domestic abuse need is the additional trauma of having nowhere to go.

The Government had talked a big game when it comes to helping Victorians in need, but are refusing to address the problem it has created by its own poor decision making.

Judge this government on what they do, not what they say.

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Housing