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Drivers with medical reviews caught up in Labor’s driver licence stuff up

Thousands of Victorian drivers who have correctly submitted medical reviews for their drivers licence, face being pulled over and charged by police because of another Labor admin error, this time with VicRoads.

About 85,000 drivers each year need to submit a ‘Fitness to Drive’ medical report if they have or develop a medical condition, disability or illness to prove they are deemed safe to hold a licence, but even those who have passed and submitted the forms are being pulled over and charged by police.

One driver who had submitted his Fitness to Drive compliance was pulled over by police and told VicRoads had cancelled his licence for not submitting the form, despite suppling his medical review a month before the VicRoads’ deadline.

In a response to a question by the Member for Lowan Emma Kealy who first brought the issue to light, Labor has admitted ‘VicRoads is unable to determine how many drivers may have had their licence suspended…’ and ‘…currently there is no provision to capture this specific data referred to in the question.

The response tabled this week by Labor’s Roads Minister Jaala Pulford said “VicRoads' Medical Review area has transitioned to a new system platform that has resulted in staff taking a little longer to assess and manage case files while they become familiar with the new system.”

It’s the latest admin blunder under Andrews and his incompetent team, with previous admin calamities featuring the Fines Vic bungle, the myki rollout and issues getting certificates from Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads (Metropolitan), Gordon Rich-Phillips:

“This Labor Government is unable to manage anything, this is just another example of its incompetence to carry out the basic tasks that keeps Victorian moving.

“What is also concerning is that Labor and VicRoads have no idea how many people could be caught up in this mess with examples of law-abiding Victorians getting pulled over by police and charged for Labor’s mistakes.”

Comments attributable to Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy:

“Victorian drivers who do the right thing and supply their medical reports on time are rightfully concerned that Labor’s bungle could allow VicRoads to cancel their licence without notice, then be pulled up by police and charged at any time.

“These drivers are rightly worried what would have happened if they had an accident while unknowingly driving on a VicRoads cancelled licence and would insurance cover them, all due to yet another Labor stuff up.”

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