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Early Childhood Teachers and Educators should get vaccine priority

The Victorian Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Labor Government to facilitate priority COVID-19 vaccination access to early childhood teachers and educators.

Our early childhood teachers and educators in Victoria have worked consistently during Andrews’ six lockdowns. By any measure, they are essential workers. Yet, unlike several other essential industries they have not been supported with priority access to vaccinations.

Even during times of high transmission, early childhood teachers and educators are out on the frontline, working day-in and day-out to ensure our children in Victoria are educated and cared for.

What’s more, if it were not for their work, nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers would not be able to do the work we so desperately need them to do to keep the community safe.

The Victorian Liberal Nationals have called on the Andrews Government to give priority vaccinations to primary and high school teachers who are willing to be vaccinated. Along with early childhood teachers and educators, this must be done as a matter of priority.

In contrast, Daniel Andrews has no plan to get our frontline teaching staff vaccinated – placing school communities at heightened risk and further jeopardizing an already disrupted academic year.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Early Childhood, Matthew Bach:

“Early childhood teachers and educators deserve the thanks of the whole Victorian community for what they have done throughout the pandemic.

“They also deserve respect, and support, at a time when many are concerned about the risks they face every day, of contracting COVID.

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