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Endangered species at risk due Labor's inaction

A new report has revealed the huge price paid by wildlife in the fires that have devastated Gippsland and the North-East.

If any more evidence was needed to convince Daniel Andrews that he must immediately begin food drops for starving wildlife, this report provides it.

Two critically endangered birds, the Swift Parrot and the Regent Honeyeater are both found in fire-affected areas.

The very existence of six mammals or birds on the endangered species list including the Spot-tailed Quoll, the Southern Brown Bandicoot, the Long-footed Potoroo, the Mountain Pygmy Possum, the Smoky Mouse and the Eastern Bristlebird is at risk. Some mammals, like the Long-footed Potoroo have between 50% and 80% of their surviving numbers in the fire-affected forests.

Other vulnerable species include the Grey-headed Flying Fox, the Greater Glider, the Long-nosed Potoroo, the New Holland Mouse, the Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby, the Broad Toothed Rat and White-throated Needletail are also affected.

Hours and days are critical if these endangered species are to survive for future generations.

Daniel Andrews should have directed food drops to begin last week. How many animals and birds have already died because of his government’s failure to act?

David Morris MP

Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change

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