Energy Minister’s PAEC appearance a shocker

Minister for Energy, Lily D’Ambrosio, today in Public Accounts & Estimates Committee (PAEC) hearings showed she is clueless about areas of her portfolio that affect all Victorian households and businesses.

Numerous reports have demonstrated that many Victorian energy customers will be worse off under Labor’s Victorian Default Offer, with discounted offers drying up, forcing vulnerable Victorians to pay higher electricity bills.

The Minister likes to use the word ‘fairness’, but there is nothing fair about the power prices that have risen by over 20 percent since Daniel Andrews became Premier.

In a worrying admission for households already bending under the weight of cost of living pressures, the Minister refused to guarantee that no energy customer will be worse off under the Default Offer.

Failing to take responsibility for her government’s reckless decision to place a surprise cap on Labor’s solar panel rebate scheme, the Minister shockingly attempted to blame the industry for the job losses that she and her Labor colleagues are responsible for.

Minister D’Ambrosio was unable to answer questions about the Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter program, despite it being a key recommendation from the Black Saturday Royal Commissions.

And in pursuing the government’s Victorian Renewable Energy Target, the Minister said that internal work had been done that demonstrated Latrobe Valley power generators would not close prematurely. Unfortunately, for those whose livelihoods depend on those jobs, the Minister refused to publicly share that work.

Victorians deserve a Minister who is actually across a portfolio which has a material and daily impact on Victorian’s lives, not one who instead seems to think that motherhood statements and rhetoric are enough to justify her position.

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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