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Energy policy is too important to play politics with

A report in today’s Australian Financial Review on the Australian Energy Market Operator’s Gas Statement of Opportunities shows that the east coast gas market faces tight supply from 2021 and shortfalls from 2024.

This again confirms that the Andrews Labor Government’s moratorium on natural onshore gas exploration is resulting in higher energy costs for Victoria.

The Australian Energy Market Operator has released analysis that finds additional sources of Victorian gas are required to avert a crisis in gas supplies from 2024.

Victorian households trying to manage their budget will pay the price of Labor’s backwards anti-natural gas policy, putting Victorian jobs at risk.

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also voiced concerns saying that the AEMO report provides compelling evidence why the government needs to lift the moratorium on conventional onshore gas exploration, set to expire in June 2020.

Daniel Andrews needs to immediately abolish his onshore natural gas moratorium.

Making gas affordable for Victorian families and businesses is more important than Labor playing politics with energy policy.

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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