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Energy price hikes hurt households and small businesses

Victorian families will be paying higher bills for cooking dinner and heating homes as energy price hikes under the Andrews Government come into effect.

Gas prices have skyrocketed to start the new year with many Victorian households and small businesses experiencing an increase of over 10 per cent.

For years, the Liberal Nationals and energy market experts warned the State Government that its resistance to allowing additional gas supplies to enter the market would lead to significant price increases.

Worse still, Victoria now faces a forecast supply shortage over coming years meaning even higher prices and more cost of living pressures for Victorians.

While the Government was dragged by the Liberal Nationals to lift a ban on onshore gas, they have failed to provide any long-term certainty by delaying the release of the Gas Substitution Roadmap, further holding back new investment and supplies.

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables, Craig Ondarchie said more expensive energy bills will only see Victoria fall further behind.

“Higher energy prices will mean a tougher road to recovery for families and businesses,” Mr Ondarchie said.

“Instead of playing political games with an essential service, the State Government must focus on delivering cheaper energy bills so we can recover and rebuild,

“A Liberal Nationals Government will provide certainty to energy markets so households and small businesses can get the affordable power and gas they deserve.”

Instead of leaving energy providers in limbo and withholding critical supply, the State Government must act to cut gas bills and ease cost of living pressures for Victorian households and small businesses.

Craig Ondarchie MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

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