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Essendon Airport Shouldn’t be Compromised

Proposals to reduce the effective width of Essendon Airport’s two runways should not proceed.

Essendon Airport is an important aviation hub for Melbourne, catering for pilot training, emergency services, corporate aviation, and regional air services and charter operations.

The Liberal-Nationals Coalition strongly supports the on-going operation of Essendon Airport and the maintenance of its aviation infrastructure.

While Essendon Airport has been the site of substantial commercial development over the last 18 years, its primary role is an airport, and its aviation infrastructure such as runways and taxiways should not be compromised.

The latest Preliminary Draft Master Plan for Essendon Airport calls for its two runways to be narrowed to 30m in width, effectively downgrading the capability of the airport.

The issue of non-aviation development encroaching on aviation infrastructure, such as runways, at Essendon Airport is currently under review by the Australian Transportation Safety Bureau.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Aviation, Gordon Rich-Phillips –

“Essendon Airport plays an important role as a reliever for Melbourne Airport, and in connecting regional communities to Melbourne. It is important that Essendon’s aviation infrastructure is maintained and not whittled away.”

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