Even Labor Ministers agree: Labor’s Fines Victoria mess a “debacle”, “bungle”

Despite her own Cabinet colleague describing it as a debacle, Attorney General Jill Hennessy had to be dragged kicking and screaming to apologise for Labor’s bungled implementation of Fines Victoria.

Yesterday in Parliament, Local Government Minister, Adem Somyurek, said of Labor’s implementation of Fines Victoria:

“If I can just say - the debacle and the bungle is a matter for the Attorney General. It clearly sits within her portfolio.”

An Ombudsman’s investigation into Fines Victoria found that a grieving father was harassed over fines for his dead son despite the father providing Fines Victoria with a death certificate after his son died in tragic circumstances.

Under Labor’s botched implementation of Fines Victoria hundreds of Victorians have had their driver’s licences wrongly suspended or been ordered to pay fines for offences they did not commit.

Last week, giving evidence to the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, the Attorney-General refused to apologise for this mess.

Today, in Question Time, the Attorney-General offered a reluctant apology but no guarantee of how or when the Fines Victoria debacle will be fixed.

Labor had previously announced that Fines Victoria’s new IT system was to be delivered by December 2017, and subsequently that this debacle is due to be fixed by June 2020.

How many more apologies will Jill Hennessy owe Victorians before the Fines Victoria debacle is fixed?

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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