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Everything the Andrews Labor Government sets up gets stuffed up

Daniel Andrews loves nothing better than a fee gouge on Victorians.

Victorians should brace for more taxes and more tolls because Andrews has already blown the budget on the North East Link.

This was a project Labor initially costed at $5 billion when it's now up to around $16 billion. So the question is, how much will the tolls cost? How high will the gouge be?

Whether he’s increasing CityLink tolls to pay for a West Gate Tunnel which isn't even open or increasing taxes and charges right across the books, Andrews is running out of money.

He has buggered the budget and he is looking to gouge Victorians of every cent to try and fill his budget black hole.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“The Andrews Labor Government has a track record of all talk and no delivery. Everything it does, ends up costing too much and is late.

“Labor said the North East Link would cost $5 billion and now its blown out to $16 billion.

Daniel Andrews can’t be trusted to deliver projects and he certainly can’t be trusted with Victorians’ money.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis:

“Labor botched Myki, wasting hundreds of millions of Victorian taxpayers’ money. Why would Victorians trust Labor to set up another new toll company without stuffing it up?

“Daniel Andrews can’t manage money, he can’t manage major projects and you need look no further than his bungled Metro and West Gate Tunnel projects.”

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