Farmers need Minister to act after visit

Drought-affected farmers in the Millewa must get genuine action from the Andrews Labor Government after the Minister’s visit today.

The Agriculture Minister’s visit was long overdue given famers in the Millewa are staring down the barrel of a second failed season.

Like farmers in other drought-affected parts of Victoria, the Millewa farmers say relief on shire rates and water charges would go a long way towards helping ease financial pressures.

The Premier and Ag Minister claim they are open to more assistance, so it beggars belief that they aren’t delivering on the very things farmers are saying would help.

Unless she follows through with action, the Minister’s visit today will be a waste of farmers’ time.

Daniel Andrew has found extra billions to pay for cost blowouts on his Melbourne infrastructure projects, but now that our farmers need help his cheque book’s gone missing.

It’s very disappointing the Premier missed yet another opportunity to visit drought-affected farmers today.

Daniel Andrews should take his own advice and “hit the road – and explore your state”.

The Agriculture Minister has heard the stories and seen first-hand how bad conditions are, and now she must stand up to her city Labor colleagues and secure the assistance our farmers are asking for.

Peter Walsh

Shadow Minister for Agriculture