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Fix Victoria’s worst roads with a vote for road safety

There’s a new push for Victorian drivers to be part of the solution for safer roads during National Road Safety Week this week by telling their story and casting their vote for the state’s worst roads.

Labor cut a further $24 million from road maintenance in this year’s State Budget, on top of a $191 million cut last year.

It means Road Asset Management for the whole state is now less than $600 million.

In an effort to drive a focus on fixing Victoria’s worst roads, the Victorian Liberals and Nationals are asking Victorians to vote for the state’s most dangerous roads via an online petition at

Shadow Minister for Roads Steph Ryan said the cruel cuts for road safety came as Labor’s budget blowouts on mismanaged major projects reached $28.1 billion.

“Decades of under-investment have left Victoria’s road network a mess of potholes, ruts and rough surfaces that are putting lives at risk – no matter whether you’re on a motorbike, in a truck or in the car driving the kids to school,” Ms Ryan said.

“Without increased investment in road maintenance, we’ll also see no relief to the cost of vehicle repairs at a time when household budgets are under intense pressure, including from high fuel prices above $2-a-litre.

“With the spotlight on road safety this week, I’m urging all Victorians to play a role in better, safer roads by logging onto to tell their story and voting for the worst roads in our state.”

The list will be presented to the Victorian Roads Minister in coming months.

Ms Ryan said lives were at risk and the issue needed immediate action, which means we can’t afford to wait for a change in Government at the November State Election.

“Labor has been in government 19 of the past 23 years. Decades of neglect have left our roads crumbling and dangerous which will now take years to get on top of,” Ms Ryan said.

“Only proper investment in maintaining our road network will fix country roads and save country lives.”

To submit a road visit the online portal at

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