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Flailing Pallas fails to fess up

In Question Time today, Labor’s Treasurer, Tim Pallas has again failed to fess up to just how badly he’s blown the budget on the West Gate Tunnel and Metro Tunnel projects.

When asked directly how much the budgets on these projects have blown out, Tim Pallas danced around answering just how large the cavernous holes he has bored into the budgets of these two projects are.

Labor’s Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Jacinta Allan, has also refused to confirm the amount of the blowout, leading to ABC’s Virginia Trioli to ask her:

“Either you know, and you’re not telling us, or you don’t know. Which one?”

Ms Trioli, when Ms Allan repeatedly refused to honestly answer her questions about cost blowouts said:

“… the truth would be good.”

Tim Pallas and Jacinta Allan have failed to tell the truth and admit that Labor has blown the budget on both the West Gate Tunnel and Metro Tunnel projects by billions of dollars.

Labor has maxed out the state’s credit card debt because they’ve blown the budgets on their major projects.

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Treasurer

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