Fourth anniversary of the Andrews Government’s scrapping of the East West Link

It was this day four years ago that the Andrews Labor Government tore up the East West Link contract costing Victorian taxpayers $1.3 billion.

So every time Daniel Andrews complains that he doesn’t have enough money for hospitals, remember that his waste on cancelling the East West Link could have built a brand new equivalent of a Royal Children's Hospital.

Every time Daniel Andrews complains about a lack of funding in schools, remember that his waste on the East West Link is the equivalent of building up to 70 brand new schools, slashing travel times and reducing congestion.

And if Daniel Andrews hadn’t cancelled the East West Link project it would now be almost complete and ready for motorists to use.

This was the worst Victorian political decision in a generation.

While motorists remain stuck in traffic on the Eastern Freeway, Daniel Andrews continues to ignore the advice of independent experts who say the East West Link is a ‘top priority’ for Victoria.

Daniel Andrews made the wrong call. As a consequence, Victorians not only lost $1.3 billion, they also lost the opportunity to get home sooner from work every day.

Victorians deserve better.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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