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Frontline call takers sidelined from Andrews’ triple-zero review

An independent review into Daniel Andrews’ triple-zero crisis has suffered another blow as frontline call taking staff are sidelined from the consultation process.

Confirmation that as few as 10 emergency call taking and dispatch staff from a total of 90 triple-zero employees selected for consultation, reflects a review being set up to fail.

Furthermore, the staff that are allowed to participate are being hand-picked by the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) – a clear roadblock for honest and transparent feedback being provided.

Consultancy group PwC who are assisting with the review have stated they are “very aware that ESTA providing 90 staff for consultation might not bring a balanced view” and despite these concerns being raised, consultation meetings will proceed.

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin said this was another case of Labor covering up its mismanagement with a tick-box review that won’t deliver the answers Victorians deserve.

“How will this review get to the truth of what’s wrong with triple-zero when the only people allowed to speak are those hand-picked by triple-zero?”

“Victorians are dying whilst on hold to triple-zero, yet Daniel Andrews is more interested in spin and deflection than fixing the problem.”

“Years of Labor mismanagement caused this. They have failed to invest, cut emergency call takers during COVID, and now admit Victorians will be left waiting on hold for another 18 months at best.”

“The only way to fix the triple-zero crisis is to change the Government.”

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

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