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Frontline police miss out in Labor’s ticking time bomb budget

Monday’s State Budget from the Andrews Labor Government is another missed opportunity to fully equip Victoria’s frontline police with Tasers.

Tasers are important tools for police to use when faced with a dangerous situation and recent incidents where police were without Tasers, such as the disgraceful St Kilda Police bashing and the November 2018 Bourke Street terror attack highlight the urgent need for all frontline police to have access to this important resource.

Currently, Tasers are only carried by specialist police and frontline officers in some regional areas, despite repeated calls for a full roll out to all frontline police from The Police Association.

With more than 3,000 police assaulted each year in increasingly violent, gang-style attacks, all frontline officers deserve access to this essential policing tool to keep themselves and others safe.

Despite introducing 20 new taxes since first elected and debt soaring to $54.9 billion, Daniel Andrews just can’t find the money to support our frontline police.

David Southwick MP

Shadow Minister for Police

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